Ljungstrom technology.


Ljungstrom air preheaters and gas-gas heaters.

The LJUNGSTRÖM Division serves with its products the thermal power plant market with two key applications: Air preheaters and gas-g​as heaters, based on a similar technology platform of rotary regenerative heat exchangers. ARVOS Group is the owner of the Ljungström® technology and brand with its pedigree dating back to the 1920’s, when the first efficient air preheater was invented in Sweden by Frederick Ljungström.


With a market share of about 55 per cent ARVOS Group is the global leader in the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of Ljungström® air preheaters. In addition, an approximate 20 per cent of the global market uses equipment supplied by our current or former Ljungström® licensees. Together, this results in more than 15,000 Ljungström® air preheaters supplied globally, making it the most widely used brand of rotary regenerative heater in the industry.

The Group combines local presence with global knowledge and resources to deliver the technology and services which meet the demanding expectations of our customers around the world.

Benefit from:

  • Extensive experience and global resources
  • Continued focus on product R&D
  • Highest efficiency and performance products

Employees: Approx. 1,100
Headquarters: Wellsville, New York, USA
Locations: Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Japan, USA