Arvos Group Brasil Launches Supplier Qualification Program


15-Jun-2016 Back to overview

ARVOS Group Brasil, RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW and LJUNGSTROM Divisions, launched its Supplier Qualification Program (Programa ARVOS de Qualificação de Fornecedores – PAQF).  This program involves our strategic suppliers for machined parts, sheet metal fabrication and metal castings.  The program is based on three basic principles: cost reduction by means of mitigating inspection time; improvement of On-Time-Delivery; and the development of Supplier Quality metrics.  It is designed to be SIMPLE, COHERENT and TRANSPARENT for ARVOS and its Supply Partners.  The program also mirrors our lean basics of Safety, Quality, Cost, and On-Time-Delivery. 


Supplier Qualification Program.


ARVOS Group Brasil Supplier Qualification Program.