Lean Training, Vinhedo Brazil


17-Nov-2015 Back to overview

Lean in Vinhedo


The Vinhedo Team, with expert support from Gerrit Heinrichs, started on their continuous improvement journey this week, with basic training and two planned Kaizen events.  The entire team has had initial training, and our outlook for continuous improvement will help us meet and exceed customer requirement today and in the future.


Lean Training for The Vinhedo Brazil to meet customer needs.


Front Row Left to Right

Pedro Ohara, Ricardo Sordi, Mari Amelia Marques, Eder Visconde, Adeildo Barbosa, Joao Ailton, Claudia Souza, Brent Beachy


Middle Row Left to Right

Wellington Martin, Danilo Messias, Elias Vieira, Alexandre Fernandes, Denis de Castro, Marco Santos, Jorge Martins, Paulo Mazzei


Back Row Left to Right

Diego Von Zuben, Moacir Radiuk, Sergio Gaiotto, Felipe Giacomazzi, Gerrit Heinrichs, Gerson Pupo