LJUNGSTRÖM and Power Technical Services LLC Announce Partnership to Broaden Support of Regenerative Air Preheaters


06-Sep-2017 Back to overview

LJUNGSTRÖM announces a strategic global partnership agreement with Power Technical Services to expand their aftermarket capabilities. This will enable them to offer service and components for existing stationary matrix(Rothemühle) air preheaters (APH), in addition to the Ljungström® air preheater product line, further advancing plant reliability and efficiency for the thermal power generation industry.

“We’re delighted to be able to partner with LJUNGSTRÖM to expand our global reach and help more customers operate and maintain their
Rothemühle air preheaters,” said Mark Panasuk, Owner of Power Technical Services.


“LJUNGSTRÖM’s innovation has driven tremendous progress in the development of technology for regenerative air preheaters,” said David Breckenridge, President of LJUNGSTRÖM. “We are very glad to formalize our relationship with an industry leader like Power Technical Services, to introduce LJUNGSTRÖM’s proven technology, products and solutions to the Rothemühle air preheater market.”


LJUNGSTRÖM and Power Technical Services have collaborated in the US market on various thermal power generation projects. This arrangement was developed in order to address the needs of customers that currently operate Rothemühle air preheaters, after LJUNGSTROM identified a declining level of qualified support and service providers.


LJUNGSTRÖM, a division of ARVOS Group, is a global technology and innovation leader, specializing in full life-cycle services and solutions for thermal power plants and industrial facilities. With a history of advances in heat recovery spanning 95 years, LJUNGSTRÖM is redefining clean thermal power technologies through its depth of customer and technical knowledge, worldwide. For more information, visit www.ljungstrom-global.com.


About Power Technical Services

Power Technical Services LLC provides technical specialists and project management personnel to clients in the power generation industry. They have the ability to assist in all phases of a project, from development, engineering, construction and commissioning to ongoing operations and maintenance. Power Technical Services LLC has a vast network of personnel and resources at their disposal, making them leaders in the power generation services industry.