LJUNGSTRÖM USA Announces New State-of-the-Art Heating Element Factory


11-Oct-2017 Back to overview

LJUNGSTRÖM plans to make a significant investment in its manufacturing operations by installing a new state-of-the-art heating element manufacturing center at its factory on Andover Road, Wellsville, New York.


The new facility will feature advanced technology production lines, robotic welding, automated work stations, and a digital network for production management. The new manufacturing center will produce heat transfer media for the air preheater product line, and will feature an updated porcelain enamel coating line. With this move, LJUNGSTRÖM will establish the largest manufacturing facility for heat recovery solutions in the USA.


"Our 265,000 square foot Andover Road factory offers more efficient production flows and better working conditions for our employees. The entire workforce at the current Main Street factory will be relocated to our recently expanded Andover Road factory,” said LJUNGSTRÖM USA Managing Director, Matt Ferris. “This investment highlights our commitment to both our customers and our employees. Our business prides itself on innovation and finding new ways to add value for our customers. Two new proprietary products, developed in the Wellsville R&D Labs, will be produced in this new factory."


“We are proud to be able to develop our manufacturing operations in Wellsville,” said LJUNGSTRÖM President, Dave Breckinridge. “The move will improve our production, support our continuing growth strategy, and bolster innovation of new products. This new manufacturing center will be the largest and most advanced LJUNGSTRÖM heating element factory in our global fleet.”


Currently, the heating element manufacturing operations are located on Main Street, Wellsville. This 70,000 square foot factory is nearly 100 years old and no longer meets the needs of LJUNGSTRÖM. Options for the future use of the Main Street location are currently being reviewed.


LJUNGSTRÖM expects the new factory to be fully operational by July 2018. The company emphasized that extensive planning has gone into this project to ensure that the transition to the new location will not impact their ongoing commitments to their customers.




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